Universal Battle Zone

Welcome to the Universal Battle Zone! This is a creative community of artists and musicians that put the talent they carry to the test. We welcome any and all new hip hop artists and rappers to the scene with our fully interactive battle platform.

The UBZ Final Preliminary Round Preview!

How Did UBZ Start?

The Beginning

  • Follow Our Story!
  • Participate in UBZ!
  • Develop Your Craft!

B.A.R.Z Collaboration

  • Our friends at B.A.R.Z
  • joining the movement!
  • Check out our developments!

Our Wall Of Previous Winners!


1st Place Winner – WW – 16 bar

  • Advanced Wordplay
  • Top Flow
  • Multi-Punchlines

#keepitclean #16bars #UBZ


1st Place Winner – WW – 16 bar

  • Advanced Wordplay
  • Great Rhythm
  • Old-school Styles

#Weekendwarrior #UBZ


1st Place Winner – UBZ 48 Hour

  • Excellent Showmanship
  • Good Rhythm
  • Boom Bap Style

#48hourchallenge #UBZ


1st Place winner – 16 bars

  • Multi-Style
  • Flow Expert
  • New Age Vibes

#16barchallenge #UBZ

A challenge was created to engage the battlers and freestyle rap artists online. It started with a small group of twenty people and within 7-14 days grew to an army of 460+ members!

Each member of Universal Battle Zone is challenged to write and record a 16 bar verse in a video of themselves performing the same verse that they write. Cash and other prizes are given to the most talented submissions and then recognized as our champions on Premix Music!

We want to show the world that the music scene is growing rapidly so if you are interested in being a part of our movement, show us what you got!