The Beginning

Where It All Began

I started talking with a friend about this concept of making battlers battle online and it all became more and more real to me the more I thought about it. We always had rappers competing online showcasing on YouTube and Facebook, but never anything consistent.

Bars Of Death

We decided to compete in this Facebook Group called “Bars of Death” and it was gaining a ton of traction from the submissions and the engagement. That is when me and my friend Dave (RedOut) decided to actually compete in it. Once we saw the people responding to our submissions, we got really excited to the point of discussing our own contest!

How UBZ Was Born

We had a group started a few months prior with the boys at “Culcha Shock” (John, Lonsley G, Da block), said Jones, “We couldn’t wait to get the project started and then the Culcha Shock brand took off. With the busy schedule we all were running at the time, The “UniversalBattleZone” saw the shelf for months afterwards. David Tyrell had been requested for film work with their new artist “Johnny Armani” so the schedule piled up fast.

We Had To Do Something

“A lot of our hard work, time and energy was being spread into different areas and it forced us to separate in order to provide for the new work” said David. Jones, LG, John and Da block were working with Christie Hails at the Upper Space in Niagara Falls during down time and afterwards filming. “Later down the road I reunited with Red out and he said he was interested in still battling, but had no idea how to continue,” said Jones. “The Universal Battle Zone created an opportunity to continue our journey in  music, rap, and production by pushing the new UBZ movement to the masses!” said Red out. “We can’t expect everyone to love it but we are doing our best to make it worth the while of those that participate.”

Contest Re-Cap With Julian Broderick