Michael Bars – ILL HQ Vapor and Apparel®

“do what you love, and be who you want to be”

ILL Vapor and Apparel® is a licensed and registered local business based out of Welland, Ontario. The store owner and operator Michael Bars or “Mikey” for short, has amazed locals with his dedication and persistence.

“We have recognized Mike’s dedication to his craft” says CEO David Jones of Premix Music®. “It was bound to become a joined venture with our combined skills and expertise in the music business”.

Shortly after Premix Music® Studio was born and now has offered mixing and mastering services to local artists from the area.

Mixing and Mastering Services

Mike offers comprehensive vocal mixing and mastering services that are exclusively available for use. Artist growth and development opportunities are available to any artist that is active and willing to work and prices may vary depending on volume of time needed and any promotional offers that apply to the services.

We make sure your needs are met in every aspect of the vocal mix prior to the release of any final project and send over rough drafts along the way to make sure both the engineer and the artist are on the same page.

Mastering in Premix Music® Studio is when we make the audio stand out among the competition. Some musicians have a difficult task creating a crisp and appealing sound. Industry quality mastering techniques are necessary to confidently show off your work to friends, family, fans, and even other engineers.

The mixing and mastering services that are offered will be in depth and thorough according to what the artist is specifically looking for. Industry standard Equalization, Limiters, Delay Banks and Reverb Banks are used for every project that is submitted.

Audio Files

Mikey has also created beats and compositions for artists as well which are featured in his online beat store

“Do you want your sounds to stand out to the competition? bring them to me and I will stand by my services and products to accomplish my goals and provide exactly what you are looking for.

“Quality is my first priority”. – Michael Bars

“Thank You” – Mikey Bars – RPM