Niagara Beats

My name is David, and I began creating music at the age of 11 with an old Casio Electric Piano that my grandmother gave me. Since then I started to pursue music more seriously through rapping, production and connecting with other artists like myself. I released a mix-tape in 2016 called “Genesis” under the rap name “C-Notes Jones” and wrote songs for the next 6 months hoping to have my next project out. During that time as well I started creating beats with FL Studio on a netbook ha ha (fun times).

When I finally saved up enough money to get decent equipment “Niagara Beats Music” was born, but it wasn’t enough. Even after all the tutorials and hours of training I went through to try and make my production perfect I was still determined to go bigger than that. Later on in 2017 I applied for college to learn about the music industry and music as a business.

I now release music on a regular basis and I will continue to pursue my dream to be an established engineer. My main goal is to help others get the sound that they are looking for through my skills in the Digital Audio Workstation I use and experience as an artist.


Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Song Writing and Social Graphics!