B.A.R.Z Collaboration

UBZ3 – The Last Cypher

“This is the third contest for the Universal Battle Zone, and we saw a ton of participation in the past, so we are optimistic about this one” said Jones. The UBZ3 is a contest similar to the previous ones that Jones and Red out ran but this one had a twist. The rules are simple. Three contest beats are posted on the Premix Music Beat Store for contestants to download.

Once the entry is downloaded the artist will write to the beat, record it on a cellphone or camera and submit it in the Universal Battle Zone group on FB. “It was amazing to see the level of participation from the previous contests.” said Red Out. “we can see a lot of big things in the future”.

UBZ welcomes B.A.R.Z Battle League

Jones and Tom Bland connected and agreed on a 2021 collaboration between leagues!

After learning about an unfortunate loss of data in one of the other battle leagues, Jones immediately reached out to Tom Bland, administrator of B.A.R.Z Battle League to see if there was something he or red out could do to help. Shortly after connecting Tom had expressed his frustration with the unpredictable behaviour of social media platforms and how it creates a blockage in the ability to stay relevant and active. “I had to do something to help him.” Jones said sincerely. “They have been in this game for 8 years now, way longer than any other group I know besides Lets Beef.”

The Change In Direction

Jones and Red out continued on the quest to find the most active, talented, young musicians they can. After seeing so many people show the full potential they have, it seems easy to connect and grow. “The only issue is, not everyone thinks the same way we do.” explained Jones. After moving towards growth of the group many people that were once connected with the battle zone disappeared. “He put everything he has into Premix Music, and now Jones is after the UBZ to prove his worth in the Hip Hop Culture”. said Red Out. “Once we hit the new year they will see we aren’t playing”.